Do You Have The Discipline To Win

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The biggest factor which effects whether you win or lose in life is discipline. The disciplined person will take the time to prepare for all contingencies. He or she win sacrifice the things that feel good or are pleasurable for the extra preparation that it takes to win. When you look at the followers of Jesus you will note that they were called his disciples. This meant that they willingly gave up the pleasures of this life for a heavenly reward. When you look back through history you will note that most of them died violent and untimely deaths because of the life that they chose to live. The disciplined person will take the hard right over the easy wrong.

The essence of discipline is that you are not afraid to pay the price in order to win. The disciplined person willingly accepts the painful consequences of being better or getting the job done. Disciplined people are the ones who will give up their free time to pursue things which are not easy to pursue. A disciplined person will push him or herself even though he or she knows that every extra step will cause pain.
Discipline is strictly a mental exercise. It is mind over matter. The marines are wonderful teachers of discipline. Marine Corps boot training forces the recruit to focus on the smallest of details. Many people wonder why this is necessary. It is necessary because the disciplined marine in combat will maintain the ability to focus on accomplishing the task at hand without being distracted by the sights and sounds of whats going on around him. In order to be effective in war he must be able to force his mind to deal with the situation. That equates to the ability to maintain focus and concentration. The marine who cant keep his head together during basic training will certainly not be able to hold up during the time of war.

The disciplined person will make an assessment of where he or she is and where he needs to go and will do what it takes to get there. He or she will make a plan to win based on this assessment and will follow it through to the letter. The work that it takes to win is often boring and repetitive. To be honest ninety nine per cent of the time the key to winning is constant repetition and practice. You practice as hard as you can, rehearse as hard as you can, make an assessment and do it all over again. Its just that simple.

This is the reason that the military repeats training over and over again. Troops must be able to perform to a certain standard in combat. The only way to reach it is through practice. Once they get it down pat they must still practice so that performance is automatic. When the troop gets into combat and is tired, cold, hungry, and afraid he will perform to the same standard and win.

One of the greatest basketball players of all time was Larry Byrd. Mr. Byrd really had no fast flashy moves and he didnt have lightning quick reflexes or brute strength. What he did have was a work ethic. He practiced long before practice time actually started and long after it ended. The result was that he was able to play with many players who had more natural ability and outperform them. Mr. Byrd put his goals ahead of his own personal comfort. He believed more in what he could work to achieve than personal comfort. His discipline paid off in great reward. Your discipline can pay great dividends for you too. Riceland Enterprises
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Do You Have The Discipline To Win

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This article was published on 2010/12/31