Genealogy As A Cross-disciplinary Discipline

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Academic discipline is an area of human knowledge which is associated with a particular aspect of science. There are a wide variety of different disciplines. And the number is increasing with every year.

Cross-disciplinary Academic Disciplines

New educational disciplines emerged at the border of old disciplines. For example, computer linguistics is an academic discipline which on the one hand deals with linguistic problems, and, on the other hand, studies language which works at the computer area. One more bright pattern is the history of a literature. On the one hand, the discipline researches such phenomenon as literature, but, on the other hand, literature is researched within historic context.

There are some educational disciplines that are regarded as pure disciplines, not a mix of several disciplines. But these days, when new methods of scientific investigation grew to become more available, these disciplines became a real blending of scientific knowledge.


Genealogy is an educational discipline that explores the info about origin, succession, and kindred of various families and a certain person. The truth is that many hundreds of years ago it was enough to investigate only written sources. These days, new methods of investigation appeared. Modern genealogists employ mathematical, statistical, computer, phonetic, biological, and other techniques of scientific study.

1.Mathematics and statistics are required to count amounts of generations, to discover, for example, a length of this or that generation chain. Because of such investigations it becomes clear that nowadays all people can be relatives to each other.

2.Computer databases offer genealogists the opportunity to find relatives in lists of relatives which one can discover in computer records and, what is more important, in the Web.

3.Phonetics assists genealogist to find sound counterparts of surnames, since some people might have travelled, or some alterations in sounds of surnames emerged because of the leaving for another state.

4.Biology helps scientists to discover relatives on the level of DNA.

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Genealogy As A Cross-disciplinary Discipline

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This article was published on 2011/01/03