How Aikido Training Improves Self-Discipline

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If you have already established the passion to learn Aikido, your self-discipline is first developed with your regular attendance. At the beginning of the training, it is normal for you to feel intimidated and nervous when you enter the dojo for a practice and you see your colleagues and your sensei. It is completely understandable for you to feel like you don’t want to go to the practice, in the same way you don’t want to go to school during the first week of classes, because you are entering into a new routine that is beyond your comfort zone. Eventually, you will learn to discipline yourself to attend the practice as you meet new friends and you become comfortable with the routine.

Aikido does wonders with disciplining yourself mentally. When you are training in Aikido, you need to have laser-sharp focus, a keen awareness of your environment and solid concentration so that you can dodge your attacker and you can think quickly on what technique you need to do to subdue his attacks. You will cultivate your discipline to eliminate all distractions in your mind and manage your emotions. Eventually, when you have mastered Aikido, your mental self-discipline will direct you to quickly respond to any dangerous situation that you might encounter, instead of panicking, moving aimlessly, feeling helpless and consequently falling as a victim.

Since Aikido requires you to have a healthy mind and body to practice and excellently execute the techniques, you will be urged to discipline yourself with regards to your diet, exercise and rest. To keep yourself up in shape for Aikido, you will need to improve your nutrition habits, which by selecting the right kind of food that you should eat, and minimizing your consumption of junk and processed food. You also need to have a regular exercise routine, especially if your Aikido training schedule is not daily. You can do any exercise you want, play any sport or anything to keep you moving like doing household chores.

Aikido cannot be mastered overnight. If you want to advance your skills in the martial art, you need to continually train for it, allowing you to cultivate your discipline of doing regular practice and never ending education. Mastery can only be achieved through continuous training, even if you have already achieved the highest ranks in Aikido.

Aikido sydney truly has holistic benefits to every person that practices it. Aside from the physical and mental health rewards reaped from its techniques, it helps change the attitude of a person, particularly that of discipline, self-confidence, and peace.

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How Aikido Training Improves Self-Discipline

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How Aikido Training Improves Self-Discipline

This article was published on 2013/02/20