Winning With Self Discipline

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Self discipline is a must if we are to win in life. Self discipline will give us the oomph that we need in times of stress and trouble. Self discipline gives us the power to ignore the demands of the body in favor of the dictates of the will.

I once watched a Sugar Ray Leonard fight which was especially tough although he did win it. The sportscaster was asking him what he would he have done if the fight had lasted longer. The reason that he asked was because Leonard was totally winded at the end of the fight and could hardly stand up. He did muster up enough strength to win regardless. His answer to the sportscaster was that he didnt know but he would have found some gas from somewhere to get him through. The undisciplined fighter would have just given up.

One tactic that the military will use in service schools which are physically demanding is that on the first day they will take all of the candidates and conduct physical exercise until somebody quits. Why do they do this? They do it because they want people who are disciplined. The person that quits first is not very disciplined. This sends a message to all of the other candidates at the same time. It lets them know that the course wont be easy. They now have to make up in their minds that they will endure the tough physical demands of the course. The undisciplined troop will probably decide that he doesnt want to go through the abuse and makes up his mind that he will not go through it.

Discipline means to deny. The disciplined person learns how to deny self for the higher cause. The higher cause may be a personal or organizational goal. Whatever it is it must be more important in the mind of the person than their own comfort.

The disciplined person will adapt to and overcome every adverse situation while the undisciplined person may give up. He or she will do whatever it is that they have to do in order to win. The disciplined persons mind is focused on the task at hand in trying times while the undisciplined person will focus on the hardship. If the person focuses on the problem rather than the solution the problem will eventually overtake them and overwhelm them.

Discipline will show up in every aspect of the persons life. It will show up when he or she is challenged physically as well as emotionally. He or she will meet and overcome these challenges the same way each time.

Planning and execution are a mandatory part of strong self discipline. The disciplined person will apply every bit of that discipline to planning a winning strategy. I love to fish whenever I have time but I have now changed my approach to this sport. The successful fisherman will study the habits of the species that he or she wants to catch. He will know the type of food that they prefer, the best time to fish, when the water temperature is right for them to bite, where they are hanging out at different times of the day or year etc. I used to take all of these factors for granted until I got tired of not catching fish. Now I can catch fish and its not because I get lucky at certain times. It is because I know how to apply various factors to my fishing. I dont even waste time going when the factors to catch fish are not all lined up correctly.

We should all apply self discipline to every aspect of our lives in order to win. Riceland Enterprises
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Winning With Self Discipline

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This article was published on 2010/10/09